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This is really one of the best pixelated games I've played, love it!

The game art is just simply magnificent, but the auto-pathing should be removed....
It's not a game it's basicly just clicking accept equip etc.. And nobody is gonna read the actual quests if they don't have to do them, auto path already does..
Make players search, keep them interested, this is just plain boring.
But atleast it's pleasing for the eye.
Art: 5 stars
Gameplay: 2 stars

I like this game, it indeed isn't isometric. it could've been made with more variation, mainly in graphics.
And with that I donnot only mean color change, that's too easy, and these pixels are very tiny there could've easily been made more stuff (decoration etc etc) without it taking too much time.

I like the gameplay, it's addicting..
I saved the game, and it didn't work.. (I saved and then accidentally clicked on the friggy-annoying Wartune add)

Anyways, 3.5

Lovin' it! Sometimes it felt more like a rage game though (probably because of my lack in platformer skills) The first boss battle reminds me of the one in Mario World 1 (or 2) for the GB, with the bouncing piggies etc.. Anyways, 4,5 stars

(The game works fine for me, I use Chrome, maybe that could be it?)
Good game, stunning graphics, which are quite rare to be found sometimes..
I only think you need more instructions when entering the town for the first time.
Overal, great 4 stars :)

I just lol'd when I saw Wilson there in the water.

I like the music, the pixel art seems to be from various people.. and the clouds, pillowshading :'(!!
This could be easily created in GameMaker within 1 hour, not sure how that works in flash.
So if you did the programming, good job!

You got some MS paint skills...
It really needs some fixing, first, graphics, second engine, this gets boring really fast and the collision isn't that great..
But you tried! Keep working on it, and improving.

I like the game and the story just 1 thing..
People like to make progress, when you're stuck at 1 point or die all the time it gets boring and/or frustrating. Overall good game.

Reminds me of Motherlode, not bad. :)
Good graphics, judt needs a little more action.

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